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Learning Outcomes

In line with the program educational objective, our Study Program developed Program Learning Outcomes, which were formulated based on National Standard of Higher Education (Standar Nasional Perguruan Tinggi), National Qualification Framework of Indonesia (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia), Competence Standard of Indonesian Pharmacist (Standar Kompetensi Apoteker Indonesia), and the feedback from stakeholders. We developed learning outcomes which includes attitude, knowldege, specific and general skills.
The Program Learning Outcomes are legalized by Dean decre number 20.13.09/UN1/FFA/SK/KP/2021 . read more


The Master Program of Clinical Pharmacy offers 43 credits semester unit (CSUs) consisting of lectures (18 CSUs), clinical internship (15 CSUs) and thesis (10 CSUs). The first semester includes lectures,  the second semester includes lectures, thesis proposal preparation and clinical internship, the third semester  and the fourth semesters cover clinical internship, thesis work and writing of publication.


Course Code Course Name CSU ECTS
Semester I 
FAFK211101 Advanced Pharmacy Practice 4 7.2
FAFK211102 Advanced Pharmacotherapy in Central Nervous System, Respiratory and Gastrointestinal 4 7.2
FAFK211103 Advanced Pharmacotherapy in System of Cardiovaskular, Renal, and Endocrine 4 7.2
FAFK211104 Advanced Pharmacotherapy in Immunological System, Cancer, and Infectious Disease 4 7.2
Semester II 
FAFK211201 Thesis I 2 7.2
Elective Course 2 3.6
FAFK211202 Clinical Internship in Internal Medicine 3 9.6
Elective Clinical Internship I 3 9.6
Semester III dan IV 
FAFK211301 Clinical Internship in Geriatric 3 9.6
Elective Clinical Internship II 3 9.6
Elective Clinical Internship III 3 9.6
FAFK211302 Thesis II 8 28.8

Elective courses

Course Code Course Name CSU ECTS
FAFK211203 Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics 2 3.6
FAFK211204 Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2 3.6
FAFK211205 Clinical Toxicology 2 3.6
FAFK211206 Pharmacoeconomics 2 3.6
FAFK211207 Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 2 3.6
FAFK211208 Oncology Therapy 2 3.6
FAFK211209 Pharmacology of Inflammatory and Infectious Drugs 2 3.6
FAFK211210 Pharmacology of Renal and Cardiovascular Drugs 2 3.6
FAFK211211 Tropical Medicine 2 3.6
FAFK211212 Paediatric Pharmaceutical Care 2 3.6
FAFK211213 Pharmaceutical Care in Psychiatric 2 3.6
FAFK211214 Interprofessional Education 2 3.6

Elective Clinical Internship read more

Student Disability Policy

Faculty of Pharmacy Policy for Students with Disabilities
The Faculty of Pharmacy is committed to providing services and an inclusive environment following the university’s policy as an inclusive campus that manifested in the Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM number 13.15.03/UN1/FFA/SK/KP/2021The Faculty of Pharmacy has a vision and mission to become a leading faculty in Indonesia and internationally. To achieve this vision and mission, students with disabilities who are accepted have specific requirements, i.e., not blind or color-blind, passing health, psychological, and drug tests, and meeting the university requirements. read more