Module Handbook

Module 1. Advanced Pharmacy Practice

Module 2. Advanced Pharmacotherapy In Central Nervous System Respiratory and Gastrointestinal

Module 3. Advanced Pharmacotherapy in System of Cardiovascular, Renal, and Endocrine

Module 4. Advanced Pharmacotherapy In Immunological System Cancer and Infection Diseases

Module 5. Thesis I

Module 6. Clinical Internship in Internal Medicine

Module 7. Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics

Module 8. Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Module 9. Clinical Toxicology

Module 10. Pharmacoeconomics

Module 11. Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Module 12. Oncology Therapy

Module 13. Pharmacology of Inflammatory and Infectious Drugs

Module 14. Pharmacology of Renal and Cardiovascular Drugs

Module 15. Tropical Medicine

Module 16. Paediatric Pharmaceutical Care

Module 17. Pharmaceutical Care in Psychiatric

Module 18. Inter Professional Education

Module 19. Clinical Internship in Paediatric

Module 20. Clinical Internship in Neurology

Module 21. Clinical Internship in Oncology

Module 22. Clinical Internship in Cardiology

Module 23. Clinical Internship in ICU

Module 24. Clinical Internship in Drug Information Services

Module 25. Clinical Internship in Psychiatric

Module 26. Clinical Internship in Geriatric

Module 27. Thesis II