The Master Program of Clinical Pharmacy offers 43 credits semester unit (CSUs) consisting of lectures (18 CSUs), clinical internship (15 CSUs) and thesis (10 CSUs). The first semester includes lectures,  the second semester includes lectures, thesis proposal preparation and clinical internship, the third semester  and the fourth semesters cover clinical internship, thesis work and writing of publication.


Course Code Course Name CSU ECTS
Semester I 
FAFK211101 Advanced Pharmacy Practice 4 7.2
FAFK211102 Advanced Pharmacotherapy in Central Nervous System, Respiratory and Gastrointestinal 4 7.2
FAFK211103 Advanced Pharmacotherapy in System of Cardiovaskular, Renal, and Endocrine 4 7.2
FAFK211104 Advanced Pharmacotherapy in Immunological System, Cancer, and Infectious Disease 4 7.2
Semester II 
FAFK211201 Thesis I 2 7.2
Elective Course 2 3.6
FAFK211202 Clinical Internship in Internal Medicine 3 9.6
Elective Clinical Internship I 3 9.6
Semester III dan IV 
FAFK211301 Clinical Internship in Geriatric 3 9.6
Elective Clinical Internship II 3 9.6
Elective Clinical Internship III 3 9.6
FAFK211302 Thesis II 8 28.8

Elective courses

Course Code Course Name CSU ECTS
FAFK211203 Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics 2 3.6
FAFK211204 Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2 3.6
FAFK211205 Clinical Toxicology 2 3.6
FAFK211206 Pharmacoeconomics 2 3.6
FAFK211207 Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 2 3.6
FAFK211208 Oncology Therapy 2 3.6
FAFK211209 Pharmacology of Inflammatory and Infectious Drugs 2 3.6
FAFK211210 Pharmacology of Renal and Cardiovascular Drugs 2 3.6
FAFK211211 Tropical Medicine 2 3.6
FAFK211212 Paediatric Pharmaceutical Care 2 3.6
FAFK211213 Pharmaceutical Care in Psychiatric 2 3.6
FAFK211214 Interprofessional Education 2 3.6

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1. Fill out personal data at

2. Submit documents of Judicium registration  to the secretariat

  • Transcript writing data form (Y-01), attached with Bachelor and Pharmacist certificate
  • Graduate personal data form (Y-02) (1 page, attached with color photograph with dove photo paper)
  • Proof of Tuition Payment from financial department of Master in Clinical Pharmacy by submit official minutes of thesis exam (S2-15) in financial department
  • Letter of Clearance from Library of Faculty of Pharmacy UGM
  • Form of submission of Thesis and CD to Examiners (Y-03)
  • Abstract in Indonesian and English
  • Thesis Legalization (1 lembar)
  • Letter of manuscript submission for publication to the intended Journal or Letter of Acceptance for a manuscript which is accepted for publication, attached with publication abstract
  • Supervisor statement related to the publication (Y-04) stated that the submitted manuscript is suitable for publication and part of the thesis
  • Legalization of TPA/PAPs Certificate, the minimal TPA/PAPs score of 500 and TOEFL score of 450 (Equivalent to AcEPT 209)
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    Guideline Book

    For conduction of overall academic activities, The Study Program releases several Guidelines to guide the students, as well as the lecturers and preceptors, and other relevant parties. The Academic Guideline, Thesis Preparation Guideline, Clinical Internship Guideline, and Community Service Guideline can be accessed by civitas academics of Master Program in Clinical Pharmacy UGM on page

    Note : must use SSO account (

    Thesis Proposal and Thesis Guide


    The Pathway For Proposing Thesis Supervisor 


    I . Pathway of Proposing the Examiner for Thesis Proposal

    II.  Thesis Proposal Seminar

    After Thesis Proposal Seminar, students are required to submit Soft file (PDF) Revised Thesis Proposal no more than 2 (months) after the Thesis Proposal Seminar (sent email to


    I. Pathway of Proposing The Examiners for Thesis

    II.  Close Thesis Defense read more